Index of values

base64_decode [Http]
Decode the text from base 64
base64_encode [Http]
Encode the text in base 64

calc [Language]
Interprets the code and calculates the expressions
calc_time [Basics]
Recalculate the current time, typical in the main loop of the program.
charlist_of_string [Basics]
Convert a string to a character list
check [Html]
checkup of the given html (open/close tags)
close [Mysql]
Closes this connection
close_log [Basics]
Close the logfile again
close_message [Mail]
Complete and send the current message
close_pop [Mail]
Closes a pop box
compare_file [Thing]
Usage: compare_file stream parent changed_type changed_thing.
compile [Language]
Compiles html; appends filename to log messages and compiles the expressions
conn_calc [Server]
Calculates a dynamic page and stores the result into the data to be send away.
conn_close [Server]
Close a connection
conn_cookie [Server]
Set a cookie for the current page conn_set_cookie name value days
conn_file [Server]
conn_file set filename expires -> will_be_send? Send a total file over the connection.
conn_header [Server]
Try to read the header on the current connection with keep_alive time to wait for new headers on the current connections and a timeout that stops reading after this amount of inactivity both the parameters are in milliseconds.
conn_loop [Server]
Loop through all the current connections on all sockets
conn_parms [Server]
Dumps the current set of variables gained form the client
conn_send [Server]
This function try's to send data on a connections.
conn_var [Server]
Get information out of the current client request type name can be: 'connection', 'ip' -> ip address of the browser, 'connection', 'port' -> port number of the browser, 'cookie', variable -> contents of a cookie that was send by the browser, 'var', variable -> contents of a GET or POST variable send by the browser, 'page', 'name' -> requested page (possibly including path information), 'auth', 'name' -> name given in the authorisation part of the header, 'auth', 'password' -> the password given in the authorisation part of the header
conn_var_list [Server]
Get variable contents.
conn_var_loop [Server]
Get all the variable names of a specific type of variable.
connect [Mysql]
Starts a new connection Mysql.connect host user password database tcp_port unix_socket returns an identifier for this connection that should be passed on to all the operations on this connection.
cookie [Http]
Encodes a cookie with a name and value.
cookie_decode [Http]
Decodes a cookie_string into a list of cookie names and values.
create [Thing]
Creates a new thing with thing_type and name.

date [Http]
Calculate a http style date string n days in the future.
date_of_float [Http]
Convert a date into an http style date string
decode [Http]
Decode the http encoded string.
descr [Thing]
Get the description of a thing
dump [Expr]
Dump with the function the byte-code of the expression

encode [Http]
Encode the string to http encodes
enum [Mysql]
Get the list of possible enumerate values.
eval [Expr]
Evaluate an expression into a variable value
execute [Thing]
Remove the indicated things, this could take some time on big structures
extra [Thing]
Get the extra parameter for the first related thing with this type

finish [Mysql]
Finished database connections, free allocated data
flat [Html]
Convert a html_structure to a list.
float_of_date [Http]
Convert a http date string to an internal float

get [Thing]
Get a specific thing with given type and name
get_broadcast [Ip]
Get the broadcast address from an ip_address
get_hostpart [Ip]
Get the ip_address from ip_address without netmaskpart
get_level [Basics]
Get the current logging level.
get_netmask [Ip]
Get the netmask from an ip_address without networkpart
get_network [Ip]
Get the network from ip_address without netmaskpart

init [Thing]
init [Language]
Registrate the functions in the language
input [Thing]
Read the things from the text stream as a child of the given thing.
ip_in_net [Ip]
Check if this ip_address is part of the network
is_host [Ip]
Is this ip_address valid and is the netmask a single address
is_subnet [Ip]
Check if this sub_net is subnet of the network

log_file [Basics]
Start writing to the given logfile
log_level [Basics]
Set the current logging level: 0: log only error, 1: log general messages (starting, stopping), 2: log also usage messages (connections), 3: log communication, 4: log creation of internal structures at startup, 5: log function usage, 6: log everything
logging [Basics]
Log with the given level the message.
long_mask [Ip]
Results in long notation netmask

message_body [Mail]
Get the body of the current message
message_date [Mail]
Get the unix date of the current message
message_file [Mail]
Add a file to the message with given mime-type
message_header [Mail]
Get the complete header fields of the current message
message_htmlwrite [Mail]
Write html contents to a message
message_remove [Mail]
Remove the current message from the pop-box
message_save [Mail]
Save the complete message to a temporary file
message_sender [Mail]
Get the sender field of the current message
message_subject [Mail]
Get the subject line of the current message
message_urgent [Mail]
Set the current message to urgen
message_write [Mail]
Write text to the body of a message

name [Thing]
Get the name of a thing
no [Thing]
Get the number of relations of a specific type

open_message [Mail]
Open a message with a subject from-string to-string
open_pop [Mail]
Read the messages list from this pop box
output [Thing]
Write the thing it's childeren and it's relations to the given stream

parent [Thing]
Get the parent thing of the given thing
parm [Thing]
Get the parameter for the first related thing with this type
parm_related [Thing]
Get the related thing of the thing with the relation_type and the parameter.
parse [Gnuarg]

query [Mysql]
This connection is used for this query and the result is a tuple with the number to be used to read the records and the number of affected records by the query

read [Html]
Read from the channel the data into a html structure.
read_file [Html]
Read from the file the data into a html structure.
read_pop [Mail]
Return the size of the next message in the pop box.
record [Mysql]
Return a single record from a query-id inside a set of pairs (fieldname, value), an empty list marks the end of the table or empty results
rel [Thing]
Get the relations of this thing with the relation_type.
related [Thing]
Get the first thing that is related with this type
relation [Thing]
Create a normal relation between two things.
remove [Thing]
Add this thing to the removal list, this will also remove the childeren
remove_relation [Thing]
Removes a relation again.

scan [Mysql]
Scans a query for expressions between question marks and creates a tuple with the expression to build the query and the list of field names of the resulting records.
scan [Expr]
Scan the expression inside the string
set_server_parm [Server]
set_server_parm var value Set an internal server variable, these are readable by all the client scripts
short_mask [Ip]
Results in short notation netmask
sindex [Basics]
Get the position withing str of substr or -1 when nothing is found
sindex_from [Basics]
Get the position withing str of substr from position or -1 when nothing is found
size [Html]
The size of all the strings calculated in the last flat function.
socket_close [Server]
Close a socket
socket_create [Server]
Create a normal socket with port_nr max_connections resulting in the socket
socket_create_ssl [Server]
Create a secure socket with port_nr max_connections certificate_file privatekey_file certificate_password resulting in the socket
socket_current [Server]
Returns the number of the current socket inside a socket loop or after defining a socket
socket_listen [Server]
Listen on a socket for new connections and register the new connections
socket_loop [Server]
Loop through all the currently open sockets, returns false after the last one
string_list [Basics]
Create a list of parts of the strings split on the second string
string_of_charlist [Basics]
Convert a list of characters to a string
string_of_dec [Basics]
Create a fixed length string of the given number
string_of_fhex [Basics]
Create a hexedecimal presentation with a fixed length of the given number
string_of_hex [Basics]
Create a hexedecimal presentation of the given number
string_of_oct [Basics]
Create a octogonal presentation of the given number
string_of_time [Basics]
Give a string presentation of the give time.
string_of_var [Expr]
Convert a variable value into a string
string_split [Basics]
Split a string on possible substrings and return the remaining parts
string_sub [Basics]
Get the substring from a string from position from with length.
string_type [Thing]
Get the type of a thing
system_add_safe [Server]
system_add_safe set directory Add a directory to the list of directories (including their sub directories) where static content of the website is searched.
system_check_safe [Server]
system_check_safe set file Symbolic links are checked and when the resulting file is inside one of the save directories this function returns true
system_inactive [Server]
This is a flag that is set when no activity has happened since the last time this was checked
system_set_user [Server]
Change the effective user ID
system_sleep [Server]
Let the system sleep this number of microseconds
system_stop [Server]
Give the server some time to finish the currently started connections and then close it down
system_stopped [Server]
Check if the server is in a stopping state

time [Basics]
Get the last calculated time, faster than the system call.

valid_ip [Ip]
Check if this ip_address is valid (including the given netmask)
var_del [Expr]
Remove the variable
var_get [Expr]
Get the contents of the variable
var_init [Expr]
Clear the non system variables
var_new [Expr]
Create a new variable with a given contents
var_restore [Expr]
Restore the situation before the last init

write [Html]
Write with the given function the html structure.
write_file [Html]
Write into file the data from the html structure.