Module Html

module Html: sig  end
Html handling functions. Read the data into a structure and output it again.

type t =
| Text of int * string (*Text outside the tags definitions*)
| Node of string * (string * string) list * t list (*Tag with: [tag_name, [field_name, data], contents list]*)
Data structure that contains the parsed html. The list of block-tags and block-tags that cannot contain itself is fixed inside this module. This list will not be complete in every possible usage of html (or xml).

val read : Pervasives.in_channel -> t list
Read from the channel the data into a html structure.
val read_file : string -> t list
Read from the file the data into a html structure.
val write : (string -> unit) -> t list -> unit
Write with the given function the html structure.
val write_file : string -> t list -> unit
Write into file the data from the html structure.
val flat : t list -> string list
Convert a html_structure to a list.
val size : unit -> int
The size of all the strings calculated in the last flat function.
val check : string -> string
checkup of the given html (open/close tags)