Module Gnuarg

module Gnuarg: sig  end
Gnu style parameters to executables

type part =
| Name (*The name of the program*)
| Synopsis (*General description of the parameters*)
| Short_description (*Single line description of the program*)
| Description (*More indepth description*)
| Examples (*Examples of the usage of the program*)
| Author (*Name of the author*)
| Reporting_bugs (*The prefered way to contact the author for bug reports*)
| Copyright (*The copyright message of this software*)
| Version (*The current version description*)
| See_also (*Related programs for the same tasks*)

val parse : (string * (char * string * string * string * (string -> unit)) list) list ->
(string -> unit) -> (part * string) list -> unit

Usage Gnuarg.parse param_sections extra_params documentation

parm_sections consists of [(section, [(letter_parm, keyword_parm, sub_parameter, description, function)]]:

extra_params is the function that is called for the unknown parameters that are given to this program. This is done after all the other parameters are called so the order of parameters is somewhat free.

documentation consists of [(part, description)]