Module Http

module Http: sig  end
Set of conversion functions for http

val decode : string -> string
Decode the http encoded string. This includes special characters (%00) and spaces (+).
val encode : string -> string
Encode the string to http encodes
val cookie_decode : string -> (string * string) list
Decodes a cookie_string into a list of cookie names and values.
val cookie : string -> string -> string
Encodes a cookie with a name and value.
val date : int -> string
Calculate a http style date string n days in the future.
val date_of_float : float -> string
Convert a date into an http style date string
val float_of_date : string -> float
Convert a http date string to an internal float
val base64_encode : string -> string
Encode the text in base 64
val base64_decode : string -> string
Decode the text from base 64